July 23, 2018

Pack Your Passports for the Middle School World Fair!

Leave the luggage and skip security for this international trip! The Middle School Division hosted their annual World Fair on Friday, complete with cultural costumes and cuisine. The travel itinerary included Uganda, South Korea, Nepal, and Mexico. 

For this unit, each class selected a country and studied its culture, language and geography. Students made their own passports and listened to traditional music, cooked a customary dish, and learned about each of the countries' unique features. The Middle School teachers went above and beyond to bring each country to life. 

Students combined their art, music and social studies skills for this unit. Students tried on new clothing for costumes, played new instruments and listened to music, made a variety of cultural crafts and decorations, and sampled exciting cuisine including samosas, kim chi, bean soup and guacamole. Students skipped the jet lag and went on jet setting from country to country to celebrate each other's work.

Great job, Middle School travellers!