October 10, 2018

EP Sports Day

The EP division has been working on their flexibility thus far and practicing for our upcoming Sports Day on campus. The students are very excited to work on many different skills this Sports Day including but not limited to golf, disc golf, running, and football. Please join us for some fun THIS Saturday on the front hill with a start time of 9:45 a.m. We love family participation, so please come and have some fun with us. Meet you all on the hill!

September 15, 2018

Vocational Popped Bubble Art

Residential students from Middle School and High School A, enjoyed a bubble art activity. This was a really fun activity and pretty easy to easy to put together! You simply take bubble mix and add in some watercolor paints then blow bubbles onto  the paper! As the bubbles land and pop, they create unique beautiful paintings.
This happened in the Vocational class at residence so these students are not only making art but more importantly they are making products! These beautiful bubble art paintings will become wonderful greeting cards! How cool is that!?

Zack is showing us how to blow bubbles effectively!


September 12, 2018

Trip to IKEA for Young Adults!

Our Young Adults division in residence had the chance to get over to IKEA to see what they might want for their newly renovated space. A big trip out like this always starts with preparation! First during assembly the boys learned their schedule for the day was going to include a trip to IKEA and what the expectations were. Once the group was aware, they could get their things ready and head out! While at IKEA our boys showed off all the furniture and art that they loved! Looks like they had a great time spending the day shopping!

September 04, 2018

Be brave and make friends!

The new school year has started and students and teachers are trying hard to adjust to the new environment. They had time to relax and have some fun with their friends. They are ready to show their bravery in the new school year.  

First Day of the New School Year

Here we are with a new school year already! Can you believe it? Our students were more than excited to get back to school to continue learning!

We have a new theme for the year and that is to Be Brave! 

We welcomed two new students this morning and they showed us right away how brave they can be when they got up to say hi to the whole school! We are all looking forward to what stories of bravery will come of this year. So stay tuned to Higashi, it's going to be a great year that you won't want to miss!

August 31, 2018

Young Adults is ready for the new year!

Only a few more days left before the new school year begins! Our Young Adults division is already gearing up for the new school year with their new and improved assembly meetings. They've done a great job of incorporating our technology into their daily routines. They get the chance to get up and sing the song of the month before heading off to their planned activities! Young Adults is showing us that even routine meetings can be fun!
After assembly come the activities! Here they went rollerblading in the gym, played Nintendo Switch, and topped the day off with a nice cookout before Summer is gone.

August 28, 2018

End of Summer Sizzling Rockets!

As the summer ends here at Higashi and we all get ready for a brave new school year, students took a moment to have some fun at camp. In the art classes with Ethan, students had the chance to make some vinegar & baking soda rockets. Everyone had a BLAST shooting these high flying rockets off the celebrate the ending days of summer!