February 24, 2017

February Sibling Day

Sibling Day was a lot of fun with our families! From academic activities in the classroom, PE assemblies that tested our endurance, music making, and even some social games, the morning was action-packed. Even though our sibs were on February break, the fun goes year-round at Higashi, as we were still in session. We had an amazing turnout, and we always love having our siblings visit!

The most enjoyed activity was probably the game "Cake Splat" that was played during Elementary D-Class' Communication time. Check out our Facebook page for some great game photos! Who got a whipped cream SPLAT, and who escaped a messy end? Take a look!

February 03, 2017

Elementary Launches Rockets!

On Friday our Elementary Division held a science fair style contest to see how far their rockets, built during Art classes, would fly! Classes competed one at a time, and two-by-two, students took turns launching their rockets, using math to determine how far each had flown, and charting the distance on a poster on the wall for all to see. The atmosphere in Marble Hall rivaled that of any Super Bowl event, as both students and staff cheered loudly for their friends, used noisemakers, and high-fived the competitors for a job well done. Congrats to Ben J, whose rocket flew the furthest, clocking in at 16 feet. He received a medal for his win, and he was truly excited that his rocket traveled so far!

Congrats, Elementary staff and students!

Check out the photos on our Facebook page here!

January 26, 2017

CAEP Spring 2017 Kick Off

This past Saturday, the Continuing Adult Education Program kicked off with some serious strength! BHS welcomed 38 alumni, their parents, and their caretakers back to campus for a day filled with fun activities. Classic classes like music, art, and swimming were complimented by new activities like yoga and Zumba. Everyone had a great time and put forth their best effort! We can't wait for the remaining five sessions of this semester. If you want to learn more about this program, please e-mail BHSalumni@bostonhigashi.org.

December 23, 2016

Cookie Decorating in the Residence!

The residential students got a chance to spread some seasonal cheer - and frosting! They baked cookies during Culinary Arts classes, then got a chance to decorate them with their own snowman design using frosting and icing tubes. Great job to the teachers and residential activity leaders for making such a fun activity possible!

Check out the photos on our Facebook page

December 22, 2016

Winter Music Festival Brings Laughter and Light

Our annual Winter Music Festival was possibly the best attended holiday event in recent memory, as friends, families and loved ones packed the gymnasium to help us celebrate. From Christmas standards and Hanukkah classics, to brand new traditions, this year's festival was a delight to all who attended. We even got some press in the Boston Globe the day after the performance! (Read the article here)  Thanks to all the teachers and staff who made this event possible, and especially to our students who tried their very best, both on stage and in the audience. Happy Holidays!

Check out the photos on Facebook

Residential Overnight Appreciation!

The residential overnight staff really enjoyed the overnight smorgasbord of delicious food provided by our Parents Association both on December 18th and 22nd! The feast began at midnight, and the residential instructors had so much food that they were able to snack all night long! 

What a great way to say "thank you" to the staff that work so hard "behind the scenes" making sure the children sleep well and are watched over throughout the night. No staff are more deserving! 

Happy Holidays to one and all!

December 21, 2016

Dr. Stephen Shore visits Higashi

                On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Dr. Stephen Shore took a break from his many trips around the world to visit the Boston Higashi School. Along with being a world-famous presenter and self-advocate, Dr. Shore is a long-time member of the BHS's Advisory Board and is involved in research projects at the school. The Research Team was excited to meet with him and share updates on the many projects that are going on.

                Dr. Shore also met with Residential Staff from Japan. Many of these staff are not only new to BHS, but also to the United States. They shared many laughs with Dr. Shore and even snapped a quick photo before heading back to rest up for their afternoon shifts.
The Residential Staff are all smiles with Dr. Shore!
Dr. Ann Roberts, Principal Deb Donovan, and Dr. John Maina present
Dr. Shore with a copy of the department's first Strategic Plan.