August 31, 2018

Young Adults is ready for the new year!

Only a few more days left before the new school year begins! Our Young Adults division is already gearing up for the new school year with their new and improved assembly meetings. They've done a great job of incorporating our technology into their daily routines. They get the chance to get up and sing the song of the month before heading off to their planned activities! Young Adults is showing us that even routine meetings can be fun!
After assembly come the activities! Here they went rollerblading in the gym, played Nintendo Switch, and topped the day off with a nice cookout before Summer is gone.

August 28, 2018

End of Summer Sizzling Rockets!

As the summer ends here at Higashi and we all get ready for a brave new school year, students took a moment to have some fun at camp. In the art classes with Ethan, students had the chance to make some vinegar & baking soda rockets. Everyone had a BLAST shooting these high flying rockets off the celebrate the ending days of summer!

August 22, 2018

A Look Inside Our World!

Today during our final camp of the year our students were visited by Bridgewater State University and their giant inflatable globe called EarthView! What makes EarthView so exciting is that it is a scale map of the Earth's surface, showing us satellite images from around the world. Staff from BSU came to tell us all about the countries we were looking at. Not only that but the students had the chance to get inside the world and look up at all of the continents around them! This was an exhilarating way to learn about the world around us.

August 14, 2018

Bikes and Trikes Galore!

During our PE curriculum this summer, the Emergence students have been practicing their bike riding skills.  It's our hope that the skills our students learn can transfer to fun and enjoyable activities to do when they transition. Every summer our students and staff enjoy showing off their skills during our bike race between the 6 EP classes. The students and staff design their own class shirts together every year and jointly come up with a team name. This year A class was the Higashi Hills 02368. B class was Alice In Chains. C class was the Chain Gang. D class was The Matrix. E class was Saved By The Bell. F class was the Bike Street Boys.  When the students are finished with their class races, then the staff enjoy some racing as well using either tricycles or tandem bikes. Everyone had a great time cheering each other on(including the staff!) Congratulations to the F class Bike Street Boys who took the win by close margin.

August 11, 2018

Saturday Good Vibes

Residential students from HSB and Girls division made Hair Ties which can fit on your Kimono. 
Limited supplies, but Available at Bon Dance Festival!

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." --Henry Ford

August 10, 2018

Japanese Festival in Rhode Island

Hayato and Nori from Emergence Program participated in Black Ship Festival at Independence park in Bristol, Rhode Island. 
We were invited by Japan America Society of RI. 
Customers kept coming to our booth and we were pretty busy, but could also enjoy listening the orchestra, seeing martial arts and checking other unique booths.
The best part was...we sold many ceramics! 
Students are so proud of being the representatives of Higashi Studio! 
Customers often asked a student that which one he made and they purchased what he pointed.
This experience motivates students to make more ceramics/arts with their creativity!

August 01, 2018

Summertime Sweetness: A Special Art Project in Middle School

The Middle School Division and the Day Care students are spreading the love this summer with another great unit from Middle School Art teacher, Aya Kolwaite. Aya lead the students in a cooperative effort to produce and display their latest project, Kindness Rocks. To celebrate a successful installation of the Kindness Rock Garden, Aya organized a field trip to Quincy Creamery. Sweet!

The Kindness Rocks Project is a nationwide art collaboration with participants of all ages. The purpose of the project is to spread positivity to others, as well as allow students to participate in bettering their community. Students write uplifting messages or paint positive images on the rocks and leave them in the designated garden. Friends, family, and students of Boston Higashi School are encouraged to take a rock if they need a pick-me-up or leave a rock for the next person who needs encouragement. The garden can be found near the Day Program Main Entrance.

Of course, no project is complete without a celebration! After the installation of the garden, the Middle School students took a field trip to Quincy Creamery to enjoy a much deserved treat.  

Thank you, Aya, for always finding creative ways for us to be productive members of our caring community!