July 12, 2018

"What I See"

The Residential students from HSA division went to an exciting exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum. One of their schoolmates, Dominic in the Emergence Program, was showcasing his very own art at the open door gallery! It was a great opportunity to give our support to Dominic and inspire our future artists.


July 10, 2018

Education became Egg-citing in High School

This semester High School students learned about various life cycles. High School A & D class learned about the life-cycle of a plant, High School C class learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, and High School B class students learned about the life-cycle of a chicken. The students were very excited to watch the fascinating process of metamorphosis, watching our caterpillars grow into butterflies. They also enjoyed checking the chicken eggs each day for signs of new life. On June 14th our chick hatched and with the result of High School B class's vote, she was named Pop Pop. 

July 05, 2018

EP Students are working hard!

Even though school is running our vacation program, EP students keep working very hard! Cameron and Ryan went to Uniqlo at Chestnut Hill and they were so professional putting new price stickers over the price tags. 

On our way out, we ran into Newton's 'Summer Safety Event' which was going on in the parking lot and our students loved checking out the fire trucks!