July 27, 2018

EP Summer Fun!

The EP division has taken a day off from the academics and job sites to enjoy the beautiful summer weather! Each class has visited Access Sports in Canton where we have learned to canoe, kayak, paddle board and windsurf with instructors. There is no "can't" in our vocabularies! All students (and staff) have had a great time.

July 23, 2018

Family Day Fun at Higashi

During the summer families tend to have cookouts, go swimming, play sports, and enjoy each other's company outside. That's exactly what Higashi did as we hosted our own annual Family Day event to celebrate the closing summer days. Our students and staff worked hard to put together the best cookout we could have asked for. 

Students had the chance to show off their skills playing sports with their divisions. Middle school taught their parents how to play kickball. Junior High and High School B continued the world cup fever and played games of soccer with their families. High School A showed off their moves when playing dodgeball. Young Adults invited their family members to a competitive game of volleyball. The Girls division had the chance to introduce their siblings to the great sport of disc golf, while showing off their perfect form!

A cookout and sports games easily could have been enough to fill an afternoon but not for our ambitious students! They had the chance to ride horses, go on a hay ride, relax in the pool, and even get some work done while washing cars! 

As if that wasn't enough! Our students worked very hard with the residential music team of Ken and Hitomi to finish off our Family Day event with a musical piece full of performances done by each division. Family was invited up on stage to help the fun keep going! We ended the day with everyone in attendance coming together in song and dance before posing for a fun group photo in the gym!

Pack Your Passports for the Middle School World Fair!

Leave the luggage and skip security for this international trip! The Middle School Division hosted their annual World Fair on Friday, complete with cultural costumes and cuisine. The travel itinerary included Uganda, South Korea, Nepal, and Mexico. 

For this unit, each class selected a country and studied its culture, language and geography. Students made their own passports and listened to traditional music, cooked a customary dish, and learned about each of the countries' unique features. The Middle School teachers went above and beyond to bring each country to life. 

Students combined their art, music and social studies skills for this unit. Students tried on new clothing for costumes, played new instruments and listened to music, made a variety of cultural crafts and decorations, and sampled exciting cuisine including samosas, kim chi, bean soup and guacamole. Students skipped the jet lag and went on jet setting from country to country to celebrate each other's work.

Great job, Middle School travellers!

July 12, 2018

"What I See"

The Residential students from HSA division went to an exciting exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum. One of their schoolmates, Dominic in the Emergence Program, was showcasing his very own art at the open door gallery! It was a great opportunity to give our support to Dominic and inspire our future artists.


July 10, 2018

Education became Egg-citing in High School

This semester High School students learned about various life cycles. High School A & D class learned about the life-cycle of a plant, High School C class learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, and High School B class students learned about the life-cycle of a chicken. The students were very excited to watch the fascinating process of metamorphosis, watching our caterpillars grow into butterflies. They also enjoyed checking the chicken eggs each day for signs of new life. On June 14th our chick hatched and with the result of High School B class's vote, she was named Pop Pop. 

July 05, 2018

EP Students are working hard!

Even though school is running our vacation program, EP students keep working very hard! Cameron and Ryan went to Uniqlo at Chestnut Hill and they were so professional putting new price stickers over the price tags. 

On our way out, we ran into Newton's 'Summer Safety Event' which was going on in the parking lot and our students loved checking out the fire trucks!