July 23, 2018

Family Day Fun at Higashi

During the summer families tend to have cookouts, go swimming, play sports, and enjoy each other's company outside. That's exactly what Higashi did as we hosted our own annual Family Day event to celebrate the closing summer days. Our students and staff worked hard to put together the best cookout we could have asked for. 

Students had the chance to show off their skills playing sports with their divisions. Middle school taught their parents how to play kickball. Junior High and High School B continued the world cup fever and played games of soccer with their families. High School A showed off their moves when playing dodgeball. Young Adults invited their family members to a competitive game of volleyball. The Girls division had the chance to introduce their siblings to the great sport of disc golf, while showing off their perfect form!

A cookout and sports games easily could have been enough to fill an afternoon but not for our ambitious students! They had the chance to ride horses, go on a hay ride, relax in the pool, and even get some work done while washing cars! 

As if that wasn't enough! Our students worked very hard with the residential music team of Ken and Hitomi to finish off our Family Day event with a musical piece full of performances done by each division. Family was invited up on stage to help the fun keep going! We ended the day with everyone in attendance coming together in song and dance before posing for a fun group photo in the gym!