March 07, 2018

March Showcase

With spring just a few weeks away and a few warm days to trick us into thinking that it's already here, what better way to celebrate then making some edible planter treats! At the resident side, groups of students joined us to celebrate the coming warm weather by making their own edible garden planters. The treats were made of cookie wafers, frosting, crushed oreos, topped with mike and ikes to represent a fresh grown garden. Led by the culinary and art activity leaders, the students each made their own gardens before being able to eat them.


First step was to make the bed of the garden by using the cookie wafers and connecting them with chocolate frosting. Then the students built the walls of the garden to help contain the crushed oreos that represented the soil. To finish they put in their plants of choice like carrots or broccoli, but wait ours was mike and ike candies! No wonder they liked these gardens so much!