March 29, 2018

The Winter Olympics Come to Middle School

After weeks of training and preparation, the Middle School Division held their own Winter Olympic Games, organized by art teacher Aya Kolwaite. The Middle School Olympians did not need to bundle up to race against each other in this Ice Luge event, but each student selected a nation to represent and decorated their sled to match just the same.

Students selected a country and made miniature flags. Aya taught the students to make luge sleds and racers out of wood and clay before painting them to match the flags. The sleds were trialed on several small tracks before the Luge Finals, where the sleds were put to the test on the large luge track.

The Elementary Division was an attentive audience as each Middle School Olympian sent their racer down the track. The final times came down to the millisecond, but in the end three students earned bronze, silver, and gold.

A special 'Thank You' to Aya Kolwaite for her creative approach to current events!