November 07, 2018

Abled 11 Art Show Collaboration with Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children

Today was the reception for the Abled 11 Art Show. We had students from Boston Higashi share a gallery space in Massasoit Community College with students from Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children. Students from both schools worked hard on both individual and group pieces to be added to the walls in the gallery space. The art alone was worth the visit to the reception today but what was truly amazing to see was the students from both schools meeting each other. They have become familiar with each other's art and when they met today there was nothing but joy in the air. Our BHS students ran right over to meet and greet, taking cues from their communication lessons. Conversations were had entirely on assisted devices paired with smiles, laughs, and great high fives! This was truly an amazing experience for our students and shows how strong art can be at bringing people together. After mingling together and sharing stories, we were graced with the artists themselves speaking about their art to the large group in attendance. Pappas students explained the detailed processes they took to make their incredible pieces. We returned the favor with two of our own explanations. One of ours even received a "I really liked your speech" comment from the Pappas students. If you have the time to check it out yourself, the art will be on display until November 9th. Thank you to the team over at Pappas and to our BHS staff that put this together. A truly incredible experience! We are very proud of our BHS students and family!

Student works from Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children
Collection of BHS student work
Fall themed work / Artists speeches
BHS students waiting with smiles for Pappas to arrive
BHS students showing their personal pieces