November 09, 2018

Theater CALL presents Three Lucky Charms

There is always something happening at Higashi! Yesterday we were lucky enough to have Theater CALL from Japan come to our school and perform "Three Lucky Charms". Theater CALL is a group from Japan that puts on bilingual plays with live musical accompaniment. The play we were so lucky to see was presented as 2D Puppet Theater with a little surprise! The story follows a young boy that gets lost in the mountains, thinking he is saved by an old woman he stays the night only to find out that she is a witch hungry for children!

Our students absolutely loved the presentation! The 2D puppets turned into live actors that ran through the crowds interacting with the viewers. Some of our students even tried saving the young boy by hiding him in our viewing chairs! In the end our spirit at Higashi never faltered and with our help the boy was saved from the mountain witch.

A huge THANK YOU to producer of the show, Jun Takashi for working with us to make this wonderful event happen at our school!
Photos of our students at the play will be posted on our Facebook page!
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