August 14, 2018

Bikes and Trikes Galore!

During our PE curriculum this summer, the Emergence students have been practicing their bike riding skills.  It's our hope that the skills our students learn can transfer to fun and enjoyable activities to do when they transition. Every summer our students and staff enjoy showing off their skills during our bike race between the 6 EP classes. The students and staff design their own class shirts together every year and jointly come up with a team name. This year A class was the Higashi Hills 02368. B class was Alice In Chains. C class was the Chain Gang. D class was The Matrix. E class was Saved By The Bell. F class was the Bike Street Boys.  When the students are finished with their class races, then the staff enjoy some racing as well using either tricycles or tandem bikes. Everyone had a great time cheering each other on(including the staff!) Congratulations to the F class Bike Street Boys who took the win by close margin.