May 10, 2017

Daigo Kobayashi Joins Us for Residence Soccer Fun!

NE Revolution Mascot Slyde glad posed for photos
We welcomed back Daigo Kobayashi from the New England Revolution on Wednesday to join us for some division team soccer matches at the Residence! 

We kicked off the event with Middle School Division, and a game of Red Light / Green Light using soccer balls to practice dribbling skills. Then, the division matches began.

The final standings:

  • Junior High Division (Mark S., Jayson I., Christian G., Derek K. & Timmy H.) was defeated by High School A (BJ S., Cole C., Zack L., Jeremy M., & Brendan W.); 
  • Girls Division (Hope K., Grace F., Helen C., Karina, Kristina & Dyan) dominated over EP Girls Division (Henya, Maeve from the younger girls division, Nicole, Andrea, & Hayley);
  • EP Boys apartments 1&3 (Cameron D., Ben O., Andrew B., Nick B., Pat G.) beat apartments 2&4 (Ethan N, Jack W., Hayato M., Antony G., & Dale L.);
  • Young Adults (TJ B., Ryan D., Jacob D., Patrick C., & Dante G.) triumphed over High School B (Billy C., Austin L., Johnson L., Paul W., & Chris B.)

After the games, students tried their best kicks against Mascot Slyde, and even got autographs from Daigo! Thanks Revs for a great night! 

Check out our Facebook page for photos from the event!