October 26, 2018

Getting to the Core of Pumpkin Carving!

Today our younger students are going to have a costume party and take an adventure through a Haunted Hallway! To get the hallway ready, each class spent this week carving pumpkins. Thanks to our AMAZING Communication team of teachers and SLPs, each class had a lesson dedicated to carving their own spooky pumpkin! They focused on the core words put, in, take, out, more, and help. Students had so much fun with this lesson, some even overcame their fears of creepy, crawly, slimy textures! In one class, we had a student narrate to their peers the thoughts of the pumpkin! For the more curious groups, they will be cooking their pumpkin seeds for a special snack! Big shout out to our communication staff for making such a fun seasonal activity!